Product Brief

Kerotest WEI Insulators provide a positive, leak-free barrier against stray electrical current in pipelines. The purpose of the fabricated one-piece union is to isolate specific sections of pipelines to prevent corrosion caused by electrical currents or interference from other pipelines and power transmission cables.

This isolation joint eliminates the need and headaches of flanges, nuts, bolts, washers, insulating kits, labor consuming bolt-hole alignment, flange leakage, weak fittings and strapping of fittings.


  • Exceeds strength of the pipe
  • No amperage leakage at 25,000 volts
  • Full 1″ to 2″ of insulation gap on the inside
  • Full 3″ to 20″ of insulation gap on the outside
  • Pressure rated to 720psi WOG
  • No special weld precautions
  • No moving parts to fail and leak
  • Zero environmental leakage
  • Economical – less than the cost of an installed flange insulation joint
  • Standard with epoxy base coating
Product Details