Product Brief

Large bore size (0.257″) permits cleanout with rod. The full-port, straight-through design reduces pressure drop across valve, decreases turbulence, and improves flow characteristics. Recommended for applications where bubble-tight seat is required, such as gas transmission, metering, and flow recorders. Pressure rating to 6,000 psi. Kerotest/Marsh “N” Series Needle Valves are used in processing plants, oil and gas production, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, testing labs—anywhere the flow of fluid must be carefully regulated.


  • Maximum operating pressure: 6,000 psi (42,000 kPa).
  • Temperature limits: –20° to 200° F (–28° to 93° C).
  • Flow coefficients (CV): See part number table.
  • Body and bonnet material: 316 stainless steel or AISI 1045 alloy steel.
  • Stem material: 316 stainless steel with stainless steel body, 303 stainless steel with alloy steel body.
  • Bonnet cap (protective cover): Polyethylene, beige.
  • Packing: Viton® O-ring and Teflon® backup ring.
  • Handle: Two-prong. Stainless steel for stainless steel. Cast aluminum for alloy steel.
  • Connection: National Pipe Thread, meeting specifications of Federal Standard H-28.
  • Finish: Stainless steel is passivated. Alloy steel has a clear zinc finish.
  • Assembly: The bonnet-pin lock is standard for all large-bore soft-seat needle valves.
Product Details
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