Globe Valves

R-42 Packless Globe Valves

The unique feature of the R-42 Globe concept is the prevention of liquid or gas media from escaping to the atmosphere. This is achieved by the packless-metal-diaphragm concept in which a seal is effected by the diaphragms being held in place with the body and bonnet engagement.

When the valve hand-wheel is turned from an open to closed position, the bottom head of the stem deflects the diaphragm assembly which depresses the spindle, over-coming the spring lift, until the seat insert closes the body orifice. On opening, the spring energy raises the insert from the body orifice.

THE UNIQUE DESIGN ELIMINATES ENVIRONMENTAL LEAKAGE AS WELL AS COSTLY PACKING MAINTENANCE . . . A distinct advantage from many viewpoints, including safety, loss of valuable or dangerous media, and overall cost of maintenance for the life of the system

Applications include: Hazardous Liquids & Gases, Controlling Contaminants, Refrigerant Service, Vacuum Service, Instrumentation, Compressed Gases, Volatile Fluids, Natural Gas Odorizing, Leakage Monitoring and Hydrogen Cooled Generators.


  • Zero environmental leakage
  • No packing to maintain or replace
  • Dual seals above and below
  • Compact design – quick opening
  • Variety of body and seat materials
  • Cycle life varies with the application

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