Kerotest POLYBALL® polyethylene ball valves for natural gas reflect a 100-year commitment to the gas distribution industry. These valves are American made, supported and distributed, with ample inventory at all times. You will find full port and reduced port sizes from .5-inch to 12-inch IPS; metric sizes from 20mm to 315mm, and available High Head Extensions in varying heights to meet specific installation requirements.

All POLYBALL valves feature the industry-standard tracking and traceability code per ASTM F2897 that allows instant access to individual valve specifications. With decoding software, simply scan the bar code to see the production date, size, material and valve type, lot code and more.

All Kerotest POLYBALL® valves for natural gas meet or exceed these industry standards.

  • 49 CFR Part 192
  • ASTM D2513
  • ASTM F2897
  • ASME B16.40

POLYBALL polyethylene ball valves are meeting the needs of users nationwide in applications that include natural gas distribution and gathering, landfill gases (methane), air and gaseous propane.

The Kerotest POLYBALL valve is manufactured in Mansura, Louisiana, in a facility certified to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System requirements. Custom, dedicated tooling and equipment have been developed for every valve size to achieve and maintain quality levels during production, and minimize variation in all processes.

To ensure complete traceability of critical components, at assembly, each valve is assigned a unique serial number that allows full traceability from the customer’s installation back to the raw material.

Learn more about the high quality, ready inventory, quick turnaround, and competitive prices that are built into all Kerotest valves and equipment.

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