Ball Valves

Polyball® 12-Inch Full Port

The Kerotest 12-inch POLYBALL® full port polyethylene ball valve is big and it delivers big. This large bore model boasts the highest flow of any 12-inch polyethylene ball valve made in America today. It’s full of the big design, engineering and production benefits that have made us one of the leading manufacturers of polyethylene ball valves in North America.


  • Full port features a 10.1 inch port opening
  • Body constructed of high-density PE 4710 polyethylene
  • Nipple extensions available in PE 4710 or PE 2708
  • Available SDRs: 9, 11, 13.5, 17
  • Gearbox features a 6:1 ratio and is sealed against outside contaminants
  • Bypass option is also available
  • Tracking and traceability coded per ASTM F2897 for instant access to individual valve specifications

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Polyball® Valves Overview
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