Gate Valves

Model-1 Weld By Flange – 500 WOG / 740 MOP

Product Brief

The Kerotest Model-1 Steel Gate Valves feature metal-to-metal seats, the lowest operating torque in the industry and a patented packing to ensure no environmental leakage. Choose from a full size range of 1-inch to 16-inch with a variety of end configurations and 285 to 740 WOG.

The Model-1 also features a full range of options and accessories that include watertight high head extensions, operating square extensions, malleable iron circular hand-wheels, epoxy coating, body bleed taps and vent pipes.


  • Absolutely No Maintenance
  • No Gland Tightening
  • No Lubrication
  • No Adjustment of Any Kind
  • Standard Welding Practices Apply
  • Full Opening – No Significant Pressure Drop
  • Lowest Operating Torque in the Industry
  • Steel – Safety
  • Directional Solidification Weld Ends Meeting Rigid Code requirements
  • Seat Test @ 110% of Rated Pressure, Shell Test @ 150% of Rated Pressure
  • 2 Inch Operation Square Malleable Iron
  • Buna “N” “O” Rings and “V” Rings
  • Brass Packing Actuator
  • Steel Packing Gland Cover
  • Steel Bonnet ASTM A-216 Grade WCB
  • Stainless Steel Stem
  • Alloy Steel Cap Screws – ASTM A-574
  • Soft Iron Bonnet Gasket (Refinery Gasket – Fire Proof)
  • Steel Body – ASTM A-216 Grade WCB
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