Product Brief

The KMP1 is a two-valve manifold used primarily for single instrument applications such as test, calibration, block and bleed and instrument zeroing. The KMP1 functions both as the manifold valve and also as the mount for the instrument, all in the same unit. The KMP2 manifold provides the same functions as the KMP1 except two different instruments may be installed simultaneously and both supplied from a single pressure source. It has dual block and bleed valves serving the exact same functions as the KMP1 manifold, except for two instruments rather than one. The KMP2 manifold also serves as the mount for two instruments. The pressure instruments are connected to either manifolds via 1/2-inch FNPT or 1/2-inch MNPT union connectors.


  • Bubble-tight shutoff. Every valve is 100% tested.
  • Space-saving design. One compact valve replaces two or four valves. Fewer connections means less leak paths means less fugitive emissions.
  • Cost-saving design. Less parts means lower cost in the order of 25-30% compared to conventional two-valve installation.
  • Stem threads isolated from the process fluid, eliminating process fluid contamination, lubricant washout and thread corrosion.
  • Stem end “ball” design ensures the stem will not rotate against the body seat, eliminating seat galling, improving seat tightness and extending the life of the valve.
  • Mirror finish stems enable smooth stem operation and extended packing life.
  • The KMC mounting arrangement provides for secure mounting of the instrument to the manifold.
  • Rolled threads on the stem and in the bonnet increase strength, reduce galling and extend the service life of the valve.
  • Adjustable packing adjusts easily, increasing valve life and reducing downtime for packing replacement.
  • Multiple packing options available including Teflon® and GRAFOIL®.
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