Differential Pressure Mini-Manifold

KMM4A 3-Valve

Product Brief

The KMM4A style 3-valve mini-manifold is designed as a compact, low-cost alternative to full size 3-valve manifolds. It is suitable for close, direct or remote mounting. It contains two (2) main block valves plus an equalizing valve.


  • Bubble-tight shutoff. Every valve 100% tested.
  • Compact, space-saving design. One valve replaces three. Less parts equals less leaks, equals less fugitive emissions.
  • Blowout-proof stem. Stem design prevents accidental back-out, eliminates blowout problems.
  • Rolled stem and bonnet threads increase strength, wear resistance and life.
  • Highly polished stems yield easier operation and increased packing life.
  • Metal-to-metal bonnet-to-body seal maintains pressure integrity, and eliminates bonnet thread process corrosion.
  • Direct pipestand mounting to 2-inch pipe. Requires KMC Mounting Kit. Permits complete piping installation without the transmitter and simplified instrument removal.
  • Soft seat is field-replaceable with valve in line. Metal seats also available.
  • Stem threads isolated from the process fluid by O-ring stem seal. Prevents stem thread corrosion.
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