Product Brief

The KMM1 is a miniature 3-valve manifold designed for remote installation in confined spaces. It is ideal for cabinet mounting and also for portable devices due to its low profile and efficient flow characteristics. This style manifold is often used to set differential pressure switches and other instruments during process or plant start-up. Both hard and soft seat versions are available. The KMM1 manifold is installed in the lines between the process and the instrument, and also used with miniature differential pressure-measuring devices.


  • Bubble-tight shutoff.
  • Replaceable seat design.
  • Space-saving, compact design.
  • One valve does the work of three. Saves money and labor.
  • O-ring stem seal option isolates the stem threads from the process, preventing galling and corrosion due to exposure to the process.
  • Rolled stem threads for increased strength and life.
  • No more stem blowouts. Backseat stem design prevents blowout problems.
  • Less parts mean less leak points and less fugitive emissions.
  • 1/8-inch test ports.
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