Product Brief

The KMC5G is an integral manifold, intended for use with a specific transmitter brand. This model manifold is designed for Rosemount® Transmitter Models 3051, 2024 and 3095. They are lightweight and small, making an integrated package when mounted directly to and installed with the transmitter. The KMC5G manifold is also designed to be compatible with Rosemount Coplanar™ pressure transmitters including Models 3051C and 3051P.


  • Ball end stem. Hardened, non-rotating ball ensures exact leak-tight closure every time.
  • Field-serviceable soft seat. Allows replacement with valve still in the line.
  • Isolated stem threads. Packing below stem threads keeps solids away. Prevents process contamination.
  • Bubble-tight shutoff.
  • Chrome-plated stainless steel stem prevents freezing and galling.
  • Metal-to-metal seal between bonnet and body. Maintains thread integrity, prevents bonnet breakage and ensures reliable seal.
  • Locking pin ensures safety. Bonnet lock pin keeps bonnet and body together.
  • Adjustable bonnet packing. Increases valve life and maintains integrity of stem threads.
  • Rolled stem and bonnet threads for increased strength and life.
  • No more stem blowouts. No-blackout stem design prevents blowout problems and removal while in use.
  • Less parts mean less leak points and less fugitive emissions.
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