Product Brief

The KM4TL is a two-valve manifold designed for use with Differential Pressure style pressure transmitters. The manifold is primarily intended for liquid level service. The manifold consists of two block valves. It does not contain an equalizer valve. It is offered in a single connection style of flange by NPT.


  • Bubble-tight shutoff. Every valve is 100% tested.
  • Space-saving design. One compact valve replaces two. Less connections means less leak paths means less fugitive emissions.
  • Cost-saving design. Less parts means lower cost in the order of 20-30% compared to conventional two-valve installation.
  • Stem threads isolated from the process fluid, eliminating process fluid contamination.
  • Direct pipestand mounting. Requires KMC mounting kit. Permits complete piping installation without the transmitter to minimize potential instrument damage during construction.
  • Easy instrument removal as a result of direct bolting of the instrument to the manifold.
  • Service, repair and calibration are enhanced because the signal and purge lines are undisturbed during instrument installation and removal.
  • Multiple packing options available including Teflon® and GRAFOIL®.
  • Ball-tipped stem design prevents seat galling during valve closure.
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