Product Brief

The KM4AP and KM4TP are two-valve, block and bleed style manifolds. These manifolds are intended for static pressure applications and are generally used with Differential Pressure (DP) style pressure transmitters. The block valve isolates the instrument (normally a transmitter) from the process and is normally open in service. When the block valve is closed to isolate the instrument, the bleed valve may be opened to safely vent pressure from the instrument. The KM4AP design permits the process signal line from the transmitter’s futbol flange to be connected directly to the manifold. The KM4TP design has a standard 1/2-inch FNPT inlet connection.


  • Bubble-tight shutoff. Every valve is 100% tested.
  • Space-saving design. One valve replaces two. Less connections means less leak paths means less fugitive emissions.
  • Cost-saving design. Less parts means lower cost in the order of 20-30% compared to conventional two-valve installation.
  • Stem threads isolated from the process fluid, eliminating process fluid contamination.
  • Direct pipestand mounting. Requires KMC Mounting Kit. Permits complete piping installation without the transmitter to minimize potential instrument damage during construction.
  • Multiple packing options available including Teflon® and GRAFOIL®.
  • Ball-tipped stem design prevents seat galling during valve closure.
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