Product Brief

The KM25 and KM251 are 2-valve, single outlet valves used primarily for gauge isolation. They can also be used for calibrating and venting operations, all in a very compact unit. They are highly reliable valves that permit the safe installation and servicing of gauges, switches, etc., without concern for external leakage.


  • Field-serviceable soft seat. Allows replacement with valve still in the line.
  • Compact, panel mount design. Saves space and installation costs.
  • Isolated stem threads. Adjustable packing below stem threads keeps solids away. Prevents process contamination.
  • Bubble-tight shutoff.
  • Chrome-plated stainless steel stem prevents freezing and galling.
  • Perfect closure every time with free-swiveling ball end stem.
  • Vent ports are threaded for safe, easy piping connections.
  • Rolled stem and bonnet threads for increased strength and life.
  • No more stem blowouts. No-backout stem design prevents blowout problems and removal while in use.
  • Less parts mean less leak points and less fugitive emissions.
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