Product Brief

The KL6 5-Valve Manifold is designed specifically for natural gas applications, especially for use with recording orifice meters. The KL6T and KL6TA options allow for flange-by-tube installation or flange-by-flange installation of these manifolds if desired.


  • Lightweight construction. Installs in meter tubing without additional support.
  • Tested and qualified. Cycle tested 500 times under full Cold Working Pressure (CWP) load.
  • 1/4-inch FNPT ports standard. Connect static pressure to the upstream or downstream ports.
  • Dual high-performance grade Viton™ O-Ring with PTFE backup ring packing design below stem threads.
  • Metal-to-metal, bonnet-to-body seal to maintain shell pressure.
  • Non-rotating taper tip stem plug design to reduce seat wear.
  • Mirror internal bonnet finish for extended packing life.
  • Bonnet cap protection. Increases valve life and maintains integrity of stem threads.
  • No more stem blowouts. No-backout stem design prevents blowout problems and removal while in use.
  • Ergonomic, non-knuckle busting handle positioning for smooth turns and accurate adjustments.
  • Built in ISO 9001 certified facility.
  • Compliance with industry standards: ASME B31.1 — Power Piping, ASME B31.3 — Process Piping, API 598 — Valve Inspection and Testing, ISO 5208 — Industrial Valves; Pressure
  • Testing of Metallic Valves: MSS SP-99 — Instrument Valves
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