The Hermetic Bellows Stem Seal (HSS) is a unique method of eliminating the familiar valve stem leakage problem on quarter-turn valves. The Kerotest HSS uses a metal bellows around the stem instead of standard seals or packing.

The zero leakage feature greatly reduces valve maintenance eliminating the need for costly repair parts, as well as labor and additional repair to the nearby equipment and machinery that is damaged by the leak. More importantly, process and plant downtime if reduced and the safety problems associated with leakage and maintenance on critical service components are eliminated.

The HSS is easily adapted to most rotating, non-rising stem valves, including plug, ball and butterfly, and can be used in 360 degree or quarter-turn applications.

Applications include: Hazardous Fluids, Expensive Gases, Noxious Odors, High Purity Gases, High Vacuum Service, Double Walled Systems, Inaccessible Piping and Carcinogens.

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