Product Brief

An economical valve for regulating pressures up to 10,000 psi. Suitable for air, water, oil and other fluids with low-level corrosiveness. Kerotest/Marsh “N” Series Needle Valves are used in processing plants, oil and gas production, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, testing labs—anywhere the flow of fluid must be carefully regulated.


  • Maximum operating pressure: 10,000 psi (70,000 kPa).
  • Minimum burst pressure: 20,000 psi (140,000 kPa).
  • Temperature limits: –20° to 800° F (–28° to 426° C) for Grafiflex® packed valves, 500° F for Teflon® packed valves.
  • Flow coefficients (CV): See part number table.
  • Body and bonnet material: AISI 1045 alloy steel.
  • Stem material: 416 stainless steel, hardened.
  • Packing: Teflon, Grafiflex (optional).
  • Handle: Two-prong. Cast aluminum for 1/8″ through 1/2″ sizes. Malleable iron for 3/4″ and 1″ sizes.
  • Connection: National Pipe Thread, meeting specifications of Federal Standard H-28.
  • Finish: Clear zinc plating.
  • Assembly: Bonnet on all globe valves 1/2″ and under is threaded into body and staked to prevent turning. Body and insert for angle valves fused into single unit by a welding process.
Product Details
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