General Purpose Valves

Kerotest General Purpose Gauge Valves

Since 1909, Kerotest has been a world leader in producing valves with high reliability and maximum efficiency. Kerotest Gauge Valves are designed to provide accurate, safe and dependable flow measurement. When you need to count on a regulated flow of air or liquid, these valves will consistently perform under pressure and up to your high standards.

Field tested for over 90 years, they have proven to deliver under virtually any condition or installation. You have a choice of EIGHT VALVE SERIES for applications up to 10,000 PSI with connection sizes ranging from .25-inch to 1-inch NPT in globe or angle patterns.

The valve bodies, both hard and soft seat, feature a rugged forged construction that delivers dependable, leak-free performance at high and low pressures. Kerotest manufactures these valves to provide years of reliable service in any environment that demands bubble-tight seals, applications that require performance in tight spaces, low-level corrosive and caustic liquid environments, and when equipped with optional trim, sour fluid environments and corrosive media service applications.

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