Steam Valves

Kerotest Steam Valves

Steam valves don’t have to leak. They don’t have to be difficult to install. And they don’t have to require any regular maintenance. Kerotest manufactures steam valves that will forever clear the air.

We took our proven Model 1 Gate Valve and re-engineered it for steam service applications. The result is a leak-proof, compact, non-rising steam valve that needs no lubrication or adjustment.

The Kerotest Steam Valves are American-made, adhering to the strict quality standards you have come to expect from Kerotest.

Replace your leaky, inefficient steam valves with Kerotest leak-proof valves. It’s the cost-effective way to cut steam losses, improve operating efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

These steam valves offer a wide variety of watertight extensions, custom built to your specifications, which can be factory mounted or field mounted on existing valves. Other options include locking devices, hand-wheels, position indicators, bevel gear operators and electronic actuators.

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