Kerotest EV-11 Soft Seated Gate Valves

The EV-11 Soft Seated Valve is an economical field-proven, full opening, non-rising stem gate valve. This unusual gate valve incorporates an exclusive “elastomer seat” seat design – a simple method which solves leakage problems without requiring lubrication or conventional seat inserts. Available in 2-inch through 12-inch full port; Class 150, 500 WOG and Class 300; flange, weld and weld by flange end connections.

This remarkable general service valve is ideal for natural gas distribution applications including manifolds, flow lines, regulator stations, and meter runs. The full-opening, uncomplicated design of the EV-11 soft-seat gate valve makes it ideal for water, oil and other liquid applications.

The unique design incorporated in the Kerotest EV-11 Soft-Seated Valve was originally patented in Europe. Introduced into the U.S. market in the 1970's, the EV-11 won swift, virtually immediate, acceptance. Kerotest has continued the refinement of this proven design.

Today's EV-11 embodies three decades of accumulated knowledge in design and materials resulting in a full range of options and accessories that include hand-wheels, locking devices, position indicators, stem drive extensions, protective coatings, packing materials, coded transition end connections and more.

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